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 Zhang Yalin and His Group Visit China Three Gorges Corporation2012/02/24
 Global Executive Vice President from French Schneider Electric Energy Departm...2012/02/24
 China XD Made Successful Research and Development of Extra High Voltage Large...2012/02/24
 Successful Research and Development of US-Exporting Transformers by China XD2012/02/24
 Leaders of Manila Philippines Branch, Bank of China Visits China XD Electric2012/02/24
 XIHARI Won Approval of Establishing "State Quality Supervision and Inspection...2012/02/24
 Chairman of Ghana State Power Corporation Visits China XD Electric2012/02/24
 Guests from Romania and Egypt Investigates China XD Electric2012/02/24
 China XD Electric Successfully Researches and Develops Two sets 3-Phase Compa...2012/02/24
 China XD Group Owns More Than 600 Valid Patents2012/02/24
 Zhang Yalin, the General Manager of China XD Group, Met the Guests from Malay...2012/02/24
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Shaanxi Baoguang Vacuum Electric Device Co., Ltd.( Hereinafter referred to as Baoguang ), is located in Baoji Baoguang owns a specialized R & D team with rich experiences and a set of complete and mature R & D program. It also owns the first class technical equipment and production line in China, Baoguang stock was listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange on January, 16, 2002.

ADD: No.53 Xibao Road, Baoji City, Shaanxi Province, P.R.China 
TEL: +86-917-3561172 
FAX: +86-917-3561391 
P.C: 721006 
E-mail: export@baoguang.com.cn

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