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China XD Electric Successfully Researches and Develops Two sets 3-Phase Compact Power Transformers with Highest Voltage in the World

The second 750KV, 720,000KVA 3-phase non-excitation regulating power transformer researched and developed by XD Transformer subordinate to China XD Electric for Shaanxi Qinling Power Generation Co., Ltd. passed the one trial delivery test in July, which is about to be delivered; the first product has also successfully installed and adjusted for being put into operation. The successful research and development of these two sets products is the significant breakthrough for the independent innovation of XD Transformer, improving overall technical level of the enterprise, promoting updating and replacement of technical class of the products, increasing the core competitiveness of the enterprise and accumulating abundant experience for the future research, development and transport of giant transformers with higher capacity.

These two sets 3-phase compact power transformers with the highest voltage in the world are heaviest in the entire course of road transport. While having the design and manufacturing technology of EHV giant transformer, XD Transformer conducts technical innovation and scientific research and tackling of the key research project for key technology and technical difficulties, performs accounting and research for electric field, magnetic field, thermal field and mechanical strength according to this product''s high voltage class, large capacity, big transport difficulty and other features, improves product''s performance, quality and reliability by optimizing the design, and ensures various indicators to meet the requirements; and formulates corresponding process scheme and process documents, purchases advanced production equipment and tools and ensures the reliability and safety of production manufacturing.

These two sets 750KV, 720,000 KVA 3-phase non-excitation regulating power transformers have advantages of novelty and reasonable structure, advanced performance, low loss, reliable operation and convenient application and maintenance, belonging to safe, reliable, energy conserving and environment friendly products.

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