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Zhang Yalin and His Group Visit China Three Gorges Corporation

At 10a.m. July 22, Zhang Yalin, General Manager of China XD Group and President of China XD Electric, Pei Zhenjiang, Standing Party Committee member of China XD Group and Vice General Manager of China XD Electric and their group went to China Three Gorges Corporation and China Yangtze Power Co., Ltd. for work communication. Cheng Yongquan, vice chief engineer of Three Gorges Group, Zhang Chengping, director of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Bureau, Hu Weiming, vice director of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Bureau, Wu Zhongping, vice section director of Technical Department of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Bureau, Li Pingshi, Manager of Three Gorges Power Plant; Zhang Meng, vice chief engineer of China XD Group, Wang Yongjun, Vice Minister of Marketing Department, Wang Feng, director of Power Source Section of Marketing Department, Feng Xianlin, General Manager of Xi''an Switchgear Electric, Chen Lie, Minister of Sales Department of Xi''an Switchgear Electric accompanied to visit.

China XD Group has maintained friendly cooperative relationship with China Three Gorges Corporation for many years, China XD Group made design and manufacturing level and even domestic manufacturing level of China XD in the same industry greatly improved by successively undertaking Three Gorges Left and Right Banks and Geoelectric Projects. Electric generator outlet breaker jointly researched and developed by both parties will be immediately put into operation in Xiluodu and Xiangjiaba Power Stations. This research and development can fill in domestic gap, signifying domestic manufacturing level of China XD Group has progressed again.

During the conference, Cheng Yongquan, on behalf of China Three Gorges Corporation, first thanked the visit of Zhang Yalin and his group. Cheng Yongquan indicates that China XD Group is the important strategic cooperative partner of Three Gorges Group, and China XD Group has so far provided Three Gorges Project with lots of equipment with good operation, making important contribution for the development of China Three Gorges Corporation. Cheng Yongquan, on the behalf of Three Gorges Group Company, also expresses that they look forward to further friendly cooperation with China XD Group in new energy and overseas projects.

Afterwards, Zhang Yalin introduced the development situation of China XD Group within recent several years, mainly stressed the good performance achieved by China XD Group in the development of new products, and indicated that, as the largest power transmission and transformation equipment manufacturing enterprise in China, China XD Group are confident and in a position to provide Three Gorges Group with reliable and systematic high-end power transmission and transformation equipment. Zhang Meng introduced the domestication course of GIS, GIS production schedule of Xiangjiaba and Xiluodu, as well as the research and development situation of electric generator outlet breaker to the participants, and conducted profound and candid communication with the other party.

This visit deepened the impression of Three Gorges Group on China XD Group, having positive significance for establishing good, wide and long-term cooperation between both parties.

It is reported that, at 8a.m. of that day, Zhang Yalin and his group also visited China Yangtze Power Co., Ltd. for work communication. Zhang Cheng, General Manager of China Yangtze Power Co., Ltd., Vice General Manager Xue Fuwen, Pan Jiacai, Vice Factory Manager of Gezhouba Power Plant, Wang Jintao, Manager Assistant of Overhauling Plant, Huang Jun, Manager Assistant of Production Planning Department of China Yangtze Power Co., Ltd. and other people attended this communication activity.

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