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Chairman of Ghana State Power Corporation Visits China XD Electric

On July 30, Ding Xiaolin, Vice General Manager of China XD Electric made the talks in headquarters with the visitors Mr. E.Appiah-Korang, Chairman of Ghana State Power Corporation and his group. Yu Wenxuan and Zhang Yaowu, Vice General Managers of Xian Electric attended the talks.

Ding Xiaolin expressed warm welcome for the visit and investigation of the guests from Ghana in China XD Electric, specifically introduced the history and development situation of China XD Electric to them, and hoped Ghana State Power Corporation to be able to deepen the understanding for China XD Electric by this investigation on site and constantly enhance the cooperation between both parties. Mr. Chairman expressed his appreciation to China XD Electric for its enthusiastic reception, simply introduced the circumstances in relation to Ghana Power Company, indicated their trust on the production capacity and product quality of China XD Electric, hoped both parties to be able to enhance the cooperation and give a stronger support to the construction of Ghana State Power Company.

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