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China XD Group Owns More Than 600 Valid Patents

Within recent years, China XD Group has depended on implementation of intellectual property strategy to strengthen the management and control on intellectual property, facilitate patent work to be effectively developed, and improve patent application and authorization quantity year by year. By the end of June 2011, China XD Group increased 108 newly applied patents (including 18 invention patents), a compared increase of 20%; 106 newly increased authorized patents (including 20 invention patents), a compared increase of 12.7%, the quantity of invention patent authorization has topped the annual assessment indicators ahead of schedule.

Until now, China XD Group has accumulated to apply for 903 patents and accumulated to authorize 691 patents. After breaking through 500 patents in 2010, XD Group broke through 600 valid patents this year, amounting to 631 (including 68 invention patents).

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