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Successful Research and Development of US-Exporting Transformers by China XD

345kV 180000KVA autotransformer and 115kV 90,000 transformer for substation, researched and developed for American wind energy company by Xi’an XD Transformer which is subordinated to China XD Group, passed the tests in late August by sequence. These two US-exporting products are featured with the advantages of small volume, compact structure, advanced technology, energy-saving, environmental protection, simple installation and operation, etc. They have enhanced the international reputation of XD brand to lay a solid foundation for marching into Europe and American market further.

Since Xi’an XD Transformer Co., Ltd. quite cherishes this rare market opportunity, it produced according to American technical quality standards and requirements to integrate with international developed market further. In addition, it formulates the special quality and progress assurance plan and arranges the exporting product design and manufacturing in priority. On the basis of original mature technology, Design and Development Department performed self-innovation and scientific breakthrough, adopts new structure of terminal outlet and applied multi-programs for validation which contribute to effective reduction of primary insulation distance, reduction of loss and cost as well as the guarantee of property performance. American market is well-known for its high standard and strict requirements. The American experts performed the design review themselves and carried out complete-process supervision and inspection at the product integral assembling stage. Under the joint efforts of broad personnel, these two American-exporting products are designed and manufactured successfully within a relative short time to meet American customer’s satisfaction.

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