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China XD Made Successful Research and Development of Extra High Voltage Large Transformers to Complete 1000MW Generator Set

Xi’an XD Transformer, subordinated to China XD Group, has researched and developed 6 sets of 500kV 380,000 kVA large generator transformers for 2×1000MW generator set at stage II for Xinmi Power Plant, under the charge of Zhengzhou Yuzhong Energy Co., Ltd. Those 6 sets of transformers passed all the tests by once at early of October consequently. Each indicator meets the requirements of national standard and technical agreement while the technical performance reaches the top level in China.

According to the engineering operation and transportation conditions, these six sets of product are the scientific and research break through and technical innovation made by Xi’an XD Transformer on the basis of already available successful experience of design and manufacturing for single phase large capacity generator transformer. Consequently, it completes the research of large current spiral coil with double layer, single-phase large current LV cabinet-shared outlet, single-phase single-post large capacity power transformer structure as well as the concentric structure for single-phase single-post large transformer. It is the 500kV voltage class single-phase single-post generator transformer (as indicated in the figure) with the largest capacity researched and developed at present.

Xi’an XD Transformer paid quite attention to the research and development of these six sets of product which is listed in “Elite Project of Communist Party Members”. Further, the following elements also contribute to the manufacturing of these six products, including preparation of detailed quality progress assurance plan, organization of elite personnel and technicians for production, focus on process quality control, meticulous execution of “Three Regulation of Production” and process disciplines, seek excellence and seriousness.

As the design capacity of generator set in China increases, 1000MW generator set has become the mainstream product. Correspondingly, 380,000kVa single-phase generator transformer for its complete set also becomes to one important product. The successful research and development of these six products has laid a solid foundation to explore mega capacity large generator transformer market for Xi’an XD Transformer further. It maintains XD brand at the domestic top level in the design and manufacturing of single-phase single-post large capacity transformer.

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